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3 Tips To Grow Your Detailing Business

3 Tips To Grow Your Detailing Business

3 Tips To Grow Your Detailing Business

Here at Detailing World, we often get asked what more can be done to grow your detailing business and apart from using great products and tools, what should detailers do to get more customers?

1. Ensure your have a great presence online

In 2022, the days of dropping flyers and business cards to promote your detailing business have long gone. These days everyone is online, including your potential and future customers.

Before these customers decide to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a detailing service, they will be digging online to see how your business looks compared to local competitors!

  • Create social media pages (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Develop a website and optimize it for SEO
  • Set up a Google My Business Profile - now known as Google Business Profile

2. Start Creating Valuable Content

Now you have your online presence sorted, it is now time to inform your potential customers about your services- whether it’s basic detailing, waxing, polishing, ceramic coating.

Take photos and videos, before and after images are a great resource to help show your skills!


3. Professional Training For Your Team

To stand out from your competitors , you need to show you have skills and experience that they do not - which is why we recommend all detailers undertake some form of professional training.

You can check out our paint correction training classes here at Detailing World!