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5 Main Benefits Of A Ceramic Coating

5 Main Benefits Of A Ceramic Coating

1. Ceramic Coating Is The Perfect Long Term Protection

Even the best car wax in the world will only protect your vehicle and maintain it’s gloss for a maximum of 2-4 months, whereas a ceramic coating will protect your vehicle for potentially years!

So what are the main benefits of a ceramic coating, what does it protect from?

  • Fading from UV sunlight
  • Etching from bird droppings, tree sap and dead bugs
  • Accidental scratches and abrasions
  • Mud, dirt and dust
  • Airborne contaminants such as acidic rain, saltwater spray, industrial fallout, exhaust fumes, etc.
  • Road Tar and Iron Contaminants


2. Ceramic Coatings do not just wear off like a car wax will

One single application of ceramic coating goes much further than any car wax available – in terms of looking great and protecting the surface of the vehicle every time you drive.

Nano-ceramic coating bonds to the surface of your vehicle’s paintwork and cannot be dislodged by the weather, vibrations or external force.

3. Ceramic Coatings create a hydrophobic surface

With the hard surface that ceramic coating provides, any dirt or debris just rolls off the surface, rather than getting stuck within the tiny pockets of your vehicle’s body. This means that your car stays cleaner and even when it does need a wash, getting all that dirt off takes so much less time than it normally would!

4. Ceramic Coatings allow longer periods between cleaning

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, even the best car wax products will only last 2-4 months before you will need to have it re-applied.

This means your vehicle needs to undergo washing and waxing quite frequently in order to maintain it’s shine and stay protected.

Continuous washing and waxing leaves your car's exterior vulnerable to paint defects such as swirl marks, holograms and spider webs.

When you apply a ceramic coating – no more waxing or polishing is needed.

Just soak, rinse and dry and your vehicle will come up looking as shiny and glossy as the day you first drove it off the lot.