Beginners Guide To Decontamination!

Beginners Guide To Decontamination!

 One of the questions we get asked often here at Detailing World is what's decontamination and why should I do it?

What is decontamination?

Decontamination is the process of removing bonded foreign particles from the surface of your vehicle, these particles are often road tar, iron deposits, tree sap, or any other industrial or environmental contaminant that can't be removed through the traditional wash process.

Is there only one form of decontamination?

No, we classify decontamination into 2 categories Chemical  decontamination and Physical  decontaminationChemical decontamination is a process that involves using a chemical product alone to soften/dissolve/remove unwanted particles from the surface.

This process is typically done after a full safe wash and typically includes tar removal, this is often a crucial step as tar can conceal other particles beneath, so we'd like to get rid of the tar before moving onto any longer steps. Our Detailing World Bug and Tar remover are well suited for this task!

Following on from the tar removal, we move onto Fallout removal a chemical designed to get rid of iron particles and industrial fallout!

Physical decontamination.

The clay bar process requires the use of a clay lubricant to allow the clay to glide over the paint whilst still being in contact with the rough pollutants sticking up and so physically removing them, as the clay bar moves backward and forwards over them.

Clay bar decontamination is an essential part of preparing your vehicle for machine polishing work, if machine polishing is carried out without this step also you can run the threat of both damaging your machine polishing pads and inflicting damage to the clear surface of the vehicle.

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