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Brand Spotlight - Meet Chemical Guys

Brand Spotlight - Meet Chemical Guys

At Detailing World, we are proud to offer our products and to work with some of the best brands available around the world.

Chemical Guys are based in California and are known for their Auto detailing products of the highest quality standards. They manufacture car detailing products to the highest quality, and they have been around for many years. They welcome any and all who share their passion for auto detailing and becoming part of their family.


If you're looking for the best auto detailing products, the best quality chemicals, and the best customer service, look no further than Chemical Guys, stocked here at Detailing World – available both in store and online.


The detailing experience is incredibly exciting, with products that are easy to use and highly effective for all detailers.

Some of our favorite products by Chemical Guys include the following:

Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Carpet & Upholstery Stain Extractor (16 oz)

Lightning Fast Carpet & Upholstery Stainer Extractor! This powerful little spray can clean fabrics faster than you could ever imagine. With its strong agents that penetrate deep down into fabric fibres to break apart any type of soil or liquid caught within them, so it comes out cleaner every time; no matter if it's coffee, mud juice, wine grease, oil, pet wake surfer will be pleased with this amazing Extractor. Also, it leaves car carpets and mats look like new with no sticky residue.

Chemical Guys New Car Smell Air Freshener

The Chemical Guys New Car Smell Air Freshener is a great way to make any old beater smell brand new. Also, it enhances the mode of the driver, and you have a great time.

Chemical Guys HydroSlick SIO2 Ceramic Coating HyperWax

Give your car an amazing makeover with the help of Chemical Guys HydroSlick SIO2 Ceramic Coating HyperWax!

This product contains ceramic SiO2, which seals up all pores in paint to create a water-repellent layer. It also protects against UV rays and other elements for one year before they wear away-- meaning you can protect it once and then never have any concerns about its condition ever again!

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner (16 oz)

Leather surfaces can be difficult to care for. The Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner (16 ounces) is an amazing addition to any detailing job, as it conditions and restores your leather in just one application! This product works on seats or door panels too - finishing them dry without leaving behind any greasy residue whatsoever.

We have a whole range of Chemical Guys Products for different vehicles on our website.

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