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Brand Spotlight - Meet Koch-Chemie

Brand Spotlight - Meet Koch-Chemie

The Detailing Worldteam  is proud to present Koch Chemie high-quality products at an affordable price.

Koch‑Chemie has been a leading supplier of high-quality cleaning and car care products for over 50 years.

Their products are defined by constant attention to detail, which translates into excellence in all aspects of research & development.

In this industry, few companies can boast of being able to conduct their own R&D; produce their own goods while still maintaining an uncompromising standard such as theirs!

Koch Chemie One Cut Foam Pad (Orange)

The Koch Chemie Orange One Cut Foam Pad is an awesome car detailing product. It's perfect for removing moderate weathering and scratches using the company's P6-01 finishing compound, which has a short height of 23mm to create low torsion forces with high handling capabilities while still being able to maintain maximum stability during polishing sessions. Thanks to its special density foam material, it will last long enough until the next time you need another new one! Available in numerous colors like Red, Yellow, Purple and Green. Truly an excellent auto detailing product!

kock chemie one orange

Koch Chemie TS (Top Star)

If you're looking for premium care emulsion that will keep your car's interior trim and consoles fresh, then Top Star is what you need. It creates a natural sheen while cleaning deep pore areas with its own special formula of cleaners to remove dirt from all types of surfaces, including plastic or rubber parts!

Koch Chemie H9 01 (Heavy Cut Compound)

Innovative compound polish that will give your car an amazing shine! If you're looking for the best way to remove paint stains, scratches and swirls, then this product is perfect. It can also be used on other surfaces like plastic or metal. An innovative addition to the detailers arsenal!


Koch Chemie P3 01 (Micro Cut & Finish)

The new Micro Cut & Finish machine polishes to P3000 grain size and leaves paint systems (including scratch-resistant) with a high degree of gloss, all at once!

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