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Choosing a Wheel Cleaner

Choosing a Wheel Cleaner

Washing vehicles at home, we rarely pay close enough attention to the wheels and tires. We rush or just don't feel up to tackling dirty brake dust, heavily contaminated alloys (or steel) in need of a good scrubbing, it has been proven that proper care will keep your car and wheels looking better for much longer!

The right balance must be struck between removing dirt but not scratching easily marked surfaces like chromed out rims which can only happen if you use an appropriate cleaner designed specifically towards cleaning these types surfaces.

 Which Wheel Product?

Wheel cleaners are a must for any car enthusiast. At Detailing World we understand the right formula can make all the difference in how well your wheels look, but there's also an option between two basic styles, acidic or non-acidic formulas, which each have their own advantages when it comes down to cleanliness required vs scrubbing force needed. 


We have got you covered at Detailing World with our wide range of options!

 Use Brushes

Wheel cleaning is an important part of maintaining your car's exterior. At Detailing World we stock the best tools for the job, which clean all types and wheels without being too harsh on their surfaces, however it’s essential that you use them correctly in order to avoid any negative effects from using improper products.


We offer brush sets designed specifically just for wheels & tires as these will get rid of dirty stains while leaving behind no fibers, making sure there isn't even one speck of dirt left behind when finished.


Add Protection

After you’ve washed off the tire cleaner and rinsed it off, Detailing World recommends to always apply a sealant or dressing to help lock in the shine.


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