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Cleaning Tires and Removing Old Dressings

Cleaning Tires and Removing Old Dressings

Cleaning a vehicle’s wheel is one of the most important jobs in car detailing and needs to be done regularly to keep cars looking their very best.

At Detailing World we supply many products that help you to keep your wheels clean because dirty wheels/tires can really ruin a car's look. Sometimes, though just using tire cleaner on an individual wheel will not do enough and you need something stronger.

We know how important this task is for owners who often neglect it which is why we offer unmatched customer support!

At Detailing World, we know that people use dressings to treat their tires, which can help them repel dirt and water. It's also true if not correctly removed old tire dressings build up on your tire making it unattractive, but with our cleaners, plus some simple equipment from our fully stocked salesfloor, you'll easily get back any shine!



In order to get wheels looking sparkling you will need the following items from Detailing World:

  • One of our many available Tire Cleaners
  • A stiff-bristled brush / brush set
  • A hose or pressure washer
  • Drying towels for the tires
  • Drying towels for the wheels


The Process

The Detailing World tire/wheel care process starts with making sure that both wheel and tire are cool to touch. Then apply the cleaner on a stiff bristled brush, work it into browner areas of the tires focusing most heavily around edges where the grime tends to accumulate first, this will help loosen old dressings so they can be easily removed later during cleaning!

Finally rinse all parts thoroughly under running cold water before drying off completely using two towels


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