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How Do You Remove Ceramic Coating?

How Do You Remove Ceramic Coating?

A  ceramic coating for your car is an excellent long-term investment since it offers hydrophobic protection. If you find that you need to, it is possible to remove the  ceramic coating altogether. Nevertheless, doing so is a laborious procedure which requires knowledge and skill. Detailing World is pleased to provide the following blog article with some information about removing the  ceramic coating on your vehicle and our recommendations for products that will help maintain the coating's pristine state.

Tips to remove ceramic coating 

The removal of a ceramic coating from your vehicle can be accomplished in several different ways. These are the two methods used most often for removing  ceramic coatings from a surface while reducing the damage to the original paint. A large number of expert specialists often use these methods.

Utilize specialized chemicals.

Ceramic coatings can withstand exposure to many different chemicals without damage. To remove a coating, a chemical stripper must be used to break the adhesion between the coating and the substrate to which it was applied. Due to their properties of solid acids or bases, chemical strippers may dissolve even the most durable coatings. Nonetheless, they have the potential to harm if used incorrectly. This is why many automobile owners prefer to bring their cars to auto cleaning facilities, where technicians have been specially trained to use chemical strippers on  ceramic coatings.


Most professional specialists agree that using an orbital polisher with a polishing compound is the best way to remove a  ceramic coating. Because polishing may essentially "cut" through the resistive coating until the clear coat is reached, it is by far the simplest method. However, this requires knowledge of polishing techniques and the ability to know when one has successfully cut through the  ceramic coating, but has not penetrated too deeply into the underlying transparent layer.

Top-rated products to maintain your ceramic coating, from Detailing World. 

Americana Ceramic Aftercare Soap Gallon

Americana Global Ceramic Aftercare Soap is the ultimate 2-in-1 automotive shampoo. Infused with advanced technology, the Americana Global Ceramic Maintenance Shampoo is a multipurpose car soap used by professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts worldwide. It has been formulated to work with professional-grade nano  ceramic coatings offered by Ceramic Pro and other coating companies that provide DIY  ceramic coatings.

This luxury car shampoo is a pH-neutral formulation with aggressive surfactants that remove contaminants that bond to  ceramic coatings – leaving a crisp and clean surface. This makes it perfect for eliminating caked-on debris or sticky substances – and allows the  ceramic coating to maintain and showcase its hydrophobic and protective qualities.

HydroSilex Interior Recharge Ceramic Coating Spray

HydroSilex Recharge Interior ceramic coating is a technologically advanced formula for automotive interiors. This sophisticated interior ceramic coating is based on the proven HydroSilex Recharge coating, with a formulation designed for all automotive interior materials such as plastic, vinyl, leather, cloth and carpet.

HydroSilex Off Road Ceramic Coating

HydroSilex Off Roadis a ceramic coating specifically designed and formulated for off-road vehicles. The Offroad coating is based on our flagship HydroSilex Recharge, which has been tested and improved to be more durable and extra slick. The coating not only enhances the visual appearance of surfaces treated but will make maintenance easier. HydroSilex Offroad creates an extremely slick and ultra-glossy surface that repels dust, mud, sand, and grime. The surface becomes hydrophobic, repelling water as well. This makes cleaning an off-road vehicle a much easier task while allowing less to stick to the surface.

Gyeon Q2M Ceramic Detailer 400ml

Gyeon Q2M Ceramic Detailer, 400ml is the perfect maintenance product for ceramic coated cars that match the best of both worlds - spray sealing and regular quick detailing. Gyeon Q2M Ceramic Detailer, 400ml has the main function of increasing the brightness, gloss and adding hydrophobic properties. Easy to Use - Gyeon Q2M Ceramic Detailer, 400ml does not differ from Gyeon Q2M Quick Detailer, 400ml when it comes to ease of use. It can be used on both dry and wet paint, where it has its potential as a drying aid. It can be used on any exterior surface, covered or not. 

HydroSilex Surface Prep

HydroSilex Surface Prep is a wax and grease remover that is ideal to use before installing HydroSilex ceramic coatings. For the ceramic coating to bond appropriately, the surface must be clean of any wax residue. After washing the car, use Surface Prep to strip the surface from any wax or grease that may have been part of the wash soap. The surface is then prepared perfectly for a HydroSilex Recharge or Marine application. Surface Prep can also be used to remove Recharge or Marine if necessary.