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How Do You Wash Your Car With a Foam Cannon?

How Do You Wash Your Car With a Foam Cannon?

Is washing your car taking up more time than you'd like? Are you causing more harm to your car’s exterior by using ineffective methods? Perhaps it's time to learn how to utilize a foam cannon to wash your car. A foam cannon vehicle wash is more efficient than the traditional sponge and foam cleaner combo. This is one tool that automobile owners worldwide would want in their arsenal since it is low effort and efficient at cleaning all types of vehicles.

Definition of a foam cannon 

A foam cannon is a type of car washing tool that creates thick suds by combining the correct quantity of car wash soap, water, and air, then spraying them all over your vehicle with the strength of a pressure washer.

Prepare effectively for a foam cannon car wash.

Before starting to wash your car with a foam cannon, you'll need the following materials:

  • Foam Cannon Kit - Purchase a pressure washer foam cannon or a soap foam gun with several nozzles. These accessories can assist you in selecting the ideal spray pattern for washing the automobile body.
  • Pressure Washer - Select a suitable pressure washer with the appropriate volume and pressure to produce thick foam. You can use a gas or electric power washer foam cannon.
  • Foam Blaster Soap - Unlike car shampoo, a soap made for a foam cannon produces larger suds that may remove filth and debris from your vehicle. Shop around for one that uses a pH-neutral solution that won't harm your vehicle's trim, paint, or molding.
  • Microfiber Wash Mitt/Towel - Using any old cloth to wipe away the foam from the automobile risks damaging the paintwork. Using a microfiber mitt instead will gently remove any dirt particles without hurting the paint.
  • Water will be required to pre-rinse and clean the car after spraying it with foam.

Steps for using a foam cannon 

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Combine soap and water in the container after pre-rinsing the vehicle

Many may claim that the pre-rinse procedure before using a soap cannon for a pressure washer is unnecessary. Some automobile owners prefer to begin foaming the car dry without first hosing it down. However, the pre-rinse stage is critical in preventing swirl marks from emerging on the outside when it dries. Pre-rinsing the automobile softens any tenacious dirt or patterns, making them easier to remove afterwards. Rinse your car on both sides with a pressure washer to ensure that every surface is thoroughly wet. 

Mix soap and water into the container

Using an excessive quantity of soap formula is not only wasteful but may also render the mixture useless. Instead, stick to the instructions on the product label. Depending on the type of soap, this might range from 2 to 4 ounces for a car wash soap gun. Fill the foam cannon container with soap, then add water. Cool or lukewarm water will suffice. However, combining the soap with distilled warm water will inject more air into the combination, allowing for easier foaming.

Applying foam to the car

Before using a foam cannon to wash your automobile, make sure you use the correct nozzle. Different nozzles create different spray patterns and angles, such as a straight stream, a fan-like spray, or a hard spray. As needed, adjust and readjust the knob. Check that the pressure washer is adjusted between 1,000 and 3,000 PSI. Heavy-soiled automobiles require more pressure to remove the dirt, although routine cleaning may require lesser pressure. Apply thick layers of foam on all sides of the car, including the tires, rims, fenders, bumpers, and windscreen. Coat every region liberally and allow the foam to rest for a few minutes before rinsing with water.

Rinse off the foam with water

Rinse the foam with water using the pressure washer once more. Work your way from the top to the bottom of the car, then rinse from left to right to ensure all of the foam is removed. After rinsing, ensure there are no visible residues, patches of dirt, or other impurities. Wash the automobile with a foam cannon as much as possible instead of mineral water. This reduces the possibility of wet marks forming on the car's surface once they've dried.

Reapplying the foam 

For persistent stains, use another application of vehicle foam. This is advised for automobiles that haven't been cleaned in a while and for significantly bigger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, pickups, or vans. Take a foam to rest for a few minutes before washing. Begin with a small pail of water and a microfibre cloth or wash mitt to scrub away any residual foam and debris while at it.

Use a microfiber wash mitt to scrub away the foam.

Begin wiping down the car with a microfiber cloth, towel, or wash mitt to remove any leftover foam. Microfiber towels are significantly softer on the painted body than conventional towels. It can help to avoid the emergence of unsightly streak markings. Squeeze out surplus moisture after dampening the cloth. Scrub the car from top to bottom, and get into every nook and cranny. Pay close attention to door knobs, wheel spokes, and other small areas.

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