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How Does Car Wax Protect Your Vehicle?

How Does Car Wax Protect Your Vehicle?

At Detailing World we know waxing your car might seem like an aesthetic luxury or a way to make it look extra shiny after washing, but there's more than meets the eye with this simple process.


Car Wax protects against environmental damage and UV damage by creating a protective layer on top of the paint.

The best thing about having these protective measures put into place? They'll keep cars looking newer longer (and maybe even increase their resale value).

Protection from Water

Water is something that vehicles come into contact with most days, especially in winter months. Detailing World completely understands it can be damaging to paintwork and cause fading or even corrosion after repeated exposure!


On a non-waxed vehicle, water droplets spread out forming an unwanted sheet which clings to the paint slightly increasing the possibility for damage. However when you have car wax you purchased from Detailing World applied, then water beads up preventing any further damages due its hydrophobic properties, meaning they repel moisture from sticking onto your cars paintwork.

Protection from Sunlight

UV rays are something that cars have to contend with on a daily basis. Just like water, sunlight can cause fading and reduction in color saturation over time thanks to the naturally occurring oils in UV preventing substances like car wax which contain reflective properties because they create shiny surfaces.


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