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How To Remove Contamination?

How To Remove Contamination?

Decontamination is the removal of bonded foreign substances from the surface of your car. These particles may be road tar, iron deposits, tree sap, or any other industrial or natural pollutant that the standard wash procedure cannot remove. But how can we remove decontamination? What are the best products to remove it? Detailing World will assist you with the best products for eliminating decontamination!

The Process of Removing Contamination.
Clean Your Vehicle

The first step in decontaminating your vehicle's paintwork is to wash it properly.

Adhesive / Tar removal

You can now use a Tar / Adhesive remover once your car has been thoroughly cleaned. You should use a solution to safely and quickly remove bitumen and adhesive without scrubbing the paintwork.


Spray the tar remover freely over the car, and it will swiftly and efficiently remove any glue, tar, and adhesive residues without requiring any contact with the paint. After 5-10 minutes, rinse the whole car to ensure that the tar remover have been eliminated from the paint.

Removal of Iron

To use an Iron Removal product, use the same steps as you would for Tar/Glue removal. Spray the substance generously over the whole bodywork (and wheels if desired); the solution will clean but will react and become purple when it comes into contact with iron particles.


After leaving the solution for no more than 5-10 minutes, rinse away to remove any iron pollution from your car's paint. Remember not to let this substance dry on the paint. This procedure may need to be repeated in resistant fallout is not removed.


Claying is intended to remove impurities that the above chemicals cannot, primarily tree sap and paint overspray.

High-Quality Decontamination Removal Products From Detailing World.
Americana Release (Now Called Americana Iron & Fallout Remover)

Americana Release is a professional-grade environmental decontamination product. Specifically engineered to dissolve embedded contaminants from the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

Americana Release (Now Called Americana Iron & Fallout Remover) detailing world
CarPro TarX 1000ml

CARPRO TarXis a professional strength tar, adhesive, and bug remover and a degreaser that derives its strength from the solvents extracted from orange peels. This versatile cleaner may be used as a degreaser, tar and asphalt removal, insect, tire mark, adhesive removal, traffic film, and more! Simply spray on the surface and allow it to melt tar away easily. For stubborn sticky residue, spray a little TarX on a microfiber and easily wipe the stubborn adhesive away!

CarPro TarX 1000ml
CarPro Iron X Lemon Scent 1000ml

Highly effective, acid-free, and pH-balanced, CARPRO Iron X stops rust spots and premature-mature failure of the clear coat by making short work of iron contaminant removal across the entire vehicle! Using Iron X saves time and helps avoid the laborious claying process used in traditional car care regimes. This formulation of CARPRO Iron X is safe and effective for use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats. This preventative measure puts a stop to premature-mature corrosion.   

CarPro Iron X Lemon Scent 1000ml detailing world
Gyeon Q2M Tar - 500ml

Gyeon Q2M Tar - 500ml does not affect any exterior surfaces and is bodywork safe. It can be used on paint, glass, and plastic trim, both painted and unpainted. It is pH neutral and can also be used to remove tar spots from bare polished lips.

Gyeon Q2M Tar - 500ml detailing world
Gyeon Q2M Iron

Gyeon Q2M Iron is one of the market's most efficient, fast-reacting iron removers. This product was specially developed to easily decontaminate surfaces from harsh ferrous deposits such as brake dust and rail dust, making intensive cleansing simple for enthusiasts and pro-detailers alike.

Gyeon Q2M Iron detailing world
Meguiar's Detailing Clay

Give your car a deep cleaning using theMeguiar's Mirror Glaze Professional Detailing Clay Bar. It removes contaminants such as stuck bugs and hard water spots while restoring a smooth finish to the top coat. This Meguiar's clay bar is 100-percent non-abrasive and safe on all types of paint.