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How To Use Quick Detailing Sprays?

How To Use Quick Detailing Sprays?

How To Use Quick Detailing or Sealant Sprays

Here at Detailing World, we stock a full range of spray sealants from brands such as  CARPRO, Koch Chemie, 3D, Gyeon, Hydrosilex, Americana Global and more!

At the most basic level, a paint sealant is a synthetic product especially formulated to protect your car’s surface whilst also leaving an extreme shine, some also provide cleaning power.

Most sealants are made to form a chemical or covalent bond to the surface of your paintwork which allows the sealant to last longer than a traditional wax. Sealants also offer you stronger protection from the elements and things such as tree sap, acid rain, UV rays, and bird droppings.


Many car owner know that if you want to maintain the stylish image for your vehicle, retain the resale value and reduce the appearance of marks on the paintwork, then frequent washing is necessary.
Indeed the most enthusiastic car owners know that this can be a chore and that modern working people simply don't have the time. So, if like most people, you have a dirty car but no time to wash it what can you do?

The answer is a quick Sealant Sprays!

How to Use

Quick sealant sprays or detailing spray is easy to use, simply spray onto the bodywork and work into the surface with a buffer cloth to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints.

Most manufacturers recommend completing this panel by panel. While quick detailing spray will not remove heavy dirt, it will clean and enhance the surface giving a great shine and also assisting with repelling dirt and water.

Effects to Consider
Although quick detailing spray gives a fast result, it’s important that it's applied using the right methods. To avoid scratches, it should always be worked into the paint of the car with a clean and dry microfiber cloth


One of our most popular products is Americana Global Detail Spray, which is a ready-to-use waterless wash and detailing spray. Infused with a light amount of SiO2 and reduced solvents.

Our detail sprays can be used between maintenance washes or as a stand-alone product on vehicles that are not coated. It adds up to 2 months of hydrophobic protection while giving your vehicle’s paint a deep, rich shine and slickness.

This product is non-abrasive and non-silicone. It is also perfect for spot washing or complete vehicle washing without water and safe on all coatings, vinyl, and paint protection film.

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