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How to wax a car?

How To Wax A Car Detailing World

Do you want your car to have that just-out-of-the-showroom sparkle, but you also want to ensure it stays that way? Whether you like to work by hand or with an electric buffer, here is a guide from Detailing World on how to wax a vehicle using specialized car wax to make your car shine with a protective finish.

Tips to wax a car like a professional

  • Waxing your car: The first thing you need to do before waxing your vehicle should go without saying: you should give your vehicle a thorough washing to get rid of as much dirt and grime as possible.
  • Clay bar your car: After you've cleaned your vehicle, give it a clay bar treatment to get rid of embedded impurities such as tar, metal brake dust particles, road dirt, and other substances that won't come out with a simple wash. If you do not remove those pollutants first, they will continue to cause damage to the paint of your automobile even after the wax coat has been applied. 
  • Polish your car if needed: Before you wax your vehicle, check the paint for any flaws, such as scratches, swirl marks, or other blemishes. There is a good chance that some stone chips need to be touched up here and there. It is best to get started on this straight away. If you have no time to deal with these stone chips right now, add them to your list of things to do for the next time, and then proceed.
  • Apply wax to the applicator pad: It is recommended by professionals that you use an applicator instead of putting auto detailing materials directly onto the vehicle. The same principle applies while waxing your automobile. Don't immediately apply or spray the wax, whether liquid or paste. First, give the container a good shake, and then scoop out a tiny quantity of wax onto a soft wax applicator pad. It is crucial to always use a small amount of wax while applying it. If too much wax is on the pad, it will be challenging to spread it evenly.
  • Starting waxing at any area on the painted panel: The most effective strategy would be to begin with, one part of the project, bring it to a successful conclusion, and then go on to the next. You should start the procedure from any front fender panels located over the front wheels. The next step is to work on the front panel and the vehicle's hood. After that, go on to the car's rear and wax your automobile's surface in a progressive manner from front to back.

Top-rated car wax products at Detailing World 

Meguiar's Quik Wax

Meguiar's Quik Wax

All you have to do is spray on Quik Wax and wipe it off to give your car a showroom shine. Customers who like doing their vehicle washing and detailing in between expert services would I appreciate this offering. It works well on dry and wet surfaces, in direct sunlight or partial shade. Applicable in wet and dry conditions: Place it in direct sunlight or shade. It's easy to use; just wipe it on, then wipe it off to wax your vehicle as it dries. Soft microfiber towels are recommended. 

3D Wash N Wax

3D Wash N Wax

Wash N Wax is a high-foaming, wax-infused liquid soap with a neutral pH. Give using a foaming attachment to your power washer a go. Use a synthetic drying towel to wipe off your automobile after washing it. You may use this wash to get into those inaccessible spots if you have an RV, truck, or aircraft. Wash N Wax is neutral in pH and washes off readily, unlike other waxes. Special polymer surfactants dramatically lower surface tension with a hydrophobic effect to cleanly encase and drain away the filth.

Hot Wheels Wash & Wax

Hot Wheels Wash & Wax

Our liquid Brazilian Carnauba Wax mixture will help your car shine and resist environmental damage with only one application. The WASH & WAX from the Hot Wheels Americana Series will make your car look new.

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