Introducing New P&S Detail Products at Detailing World

Introducing New P&S Detail Products at Detailing World

Welcome to Detailing World, where we are excited to announce the availability of 6 new products from the renowned P&S Detail Product range. With a rich history dating back to 1961, P&S Detail Products has established itself as a trusted name in the automotive industry, offering professional-grade detailing products that consistently deliver exceptional results.

In this blog article, from the expert team at Detailing World, we will look more closely at the P&S  new arrivals at Detailing World, as well as finding out why P&S are such a trusted name in the detailing industry. 

Introducing P&S Detail Products

The team at P&S Detail Products, understand the art and science behind automotive detailing. They recognize that a well-detailed vehicle is more than just a visually appealing sight; it is a testament to the care and dedication of its owner. That's why their team is committed to providing clients with a comprehensive range of high-quality products that will help you achieve superior results.

The P&S product line encompasses a wide array of cleaners, polishes, waxes, sealants, and coatings, all meticulously formulated using the latest technology and the finest ingredients. They continuously innovate and improve their products to meet the evolving needs of their customers and the industry as a whole.

Meet the founder of P&S Detail

Let us take a moment to honor the legacy of the founder, Bill Phillips, who established P&S Sales, Inc. in 1961 as one of the original chemical companies in the detailing industry. Bill's journey began in 1956 when he started selling auto reconditioning chemicals out of the back of his station wagon to help pay for college. Over the years, he transformed P&S into a chemical distribution and consulting company, dedicated to improving the detailing industry by offering high-quality service.

As the business evolved, Bill brought his sons, Bob and Dave, into the company, expanding it into the chemical manufacturing and distribution enterprise that it is today. Bill Phillips' influence is still deeply felt within P&S Sales, and his legacy lives on through his sons' leadership. His strong values and unwavering work ethic continue to shape the way the company does business and serves their customers.

Introducing New P&S Detail Products at Detailing World

Since its establishment, P&S Detail Products has remained committed to the needs of detailers, constantly adapting and growing to exceed expectations. With their founder's spirit and vision guiding them, they continue to innovate and introduce new products and solutions to enhance your detailing experience.

P&S new arrivals at Detailing World!

Detailing World is proud to announce that we now stock 6 new items from P&S Detail Products, allowing you to achieve professional-level detailing results right in the comfort of your own home.

We understand that not everyone has access to a professional detailing service. That's why we have partnered with P&S Detail Products to bring their exceptional range directly to you. With Detailing World now stocking the complete P&S product line, you can easily get your hands on the same professional-grade products that detailers rely on for outstanding results.

Whether you're a seasoned detailer or just starting your journey into the world of automotive detailing, having access to the right products is crucial. The P&S Detail Product range offers everything you need to achieve a flawless finish on your vehicle. From powerful yet gentle cleaners that tackle dirt and grime to advanced polishes, waxes, sealants, and coatings that protect and enhance the paintwork, you'll find everything you need to elevate your detailing game.

Get your P&S Detail Products from Detailing World today!

Here is a summary of the P&S new arrivals, available now at Detailing World:

P & S Xpress Wax

Xpress Wax provides fast and efficient brightening and protection for your vehicle. By blending the inherent protective properties of carnauba wax with advanced polymer waxes,Xpress Waxdelivers durable protection while enhancing the depth and shine of your vehicle's finish. Its formulation enables swift and effortless application on various vehicle surfaces.Xpress Wax is suitable for cars, trucks, motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, and aircraft, catering to a wide range of vehicle types.


P & S Swift 16oz

SWIFT Clean & Shine  is an innovative all-in-one solution for swiftly cleaning and enhancing the interior of your vehicle. This versatile product efficiently eliminates dirt and grime from leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. Once applied,SWIFTnot only cleans but also leaves behind a conditioned and dressed appearance, restoring a fresh look to your vehicle's interior.


UsingSWIFTis an enjoyable experience for both professional detailers and consumers, thanks to its pleasant fragrance. To ensure optimal performance, remember to shake the product well before use. Simply spraySWIFTonto the surface you wish to clean or onto a wax applicator or Xpress Sidekick scrub pad. Scrub the surface as needed to achieve a clean and refreshed appearance. Once done, remove any excess product and wipe the surface to your desired finish, leaving it looking pristine.

P & S Iron Buster

Iron Buster  Wheel & Paint Decon Remover is a pH-balanced cleaner designed to efficiently eliminate ferrous particulate from both wheel and painted surfaces. This fast-acting formula undergoes a color change process, turning purple upon contact with abundant iron particles, indicating its active performance. By effectively targeting and dissolving embedded iron particles, as well as other contaminants,Iron Buster ensures a thorough cleaning process. Once applied, the product can be easily rinsed off, leaving behind a clean and refreshed surface.


P & S Dream Maker 

Created specifically for the McCall Detailing Team at Monterey Car Week, this cutting-edge product represents the pinnacle of Gloss Technology.Dream Maker is an exceptional Exterior Show Spray designed to enhance the brilliance of single stage and clear coated paint finishes. It can be safely used alongside other protective products, including Bead Maker, while further elevating the appearance and texture of glossy surfaces. WithDream Maker, we offer a game-changing solution for those seeking to gain a competitive edge, whether they own dream cars, show cars, or everyday vehicles.


P & S Defender 16oz

DEFENDER  SiO2 Protectant is a versatile and high-performance product that caters to both professionals and automotive enthusiasts. Designed to be used as a topper or maintenance treatment for Inspiration Coatings or other coatings, as well as a standalone SiO2 protectant,DEFENDER is the ultimate solution for achieving stunning results.

ApplyingDEFENDER SiO2 Protectant is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly nature. Whether you're a professional detailer or a passionate car enthusiast, you'll find that it is easy to use in various environments. The application process is straightforward, allowing you to achieve professional-level results without any hassle.


When applied,DEFENDER  creates an impressive gloss, enhancing the appearance of the painted surfaces. The slickness it provides makes your vehicle's surface feel smooth to the touch, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally,DEFENDER offers durable protection, safeguarding the paint from environmental contaminants and the elements.

WhileDEFENDER is primarily designed for painted surfaces, it is also suitable for use on metal, glass, and trim. This versatility allows you to extend the benefits ofDEFENDER to other areas of your vehicle, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive level of protection and visual enhancement.

P & S Absolute Rinseless Wash 32oz

Absolute Rinseless Wash  is a premium soap alternative that sets a new standard in car washing. Developed with a unique subset of polymers, this innovative formula goes beyond traditional soap by encapsulating and emulsifying dirt more effectively. The result is an exceptionally clean and slick surface that exceeds the capabilities of regular soap.

One of the standout features ofAbsolute Rinseless Wash is its ability to soften water upon mixing. This property reduces the chances of hard water spotting, ensuring a spotless finish. With Absolute, you can achieve a pristine result regardless of the water quality, making it a reliable choice for car washing in any location or situation.

P & S Absolute Rinseless Wash - DETAILING WORLD

Absolute Rinseless Wash offers versatility and convenience. Whether you're a professional detailer or a passionate car enthusiast, you can safely and easily use it on all exterior and interior surfaces. From paint and coatings to wraps, PPF (Paint Protection Film), trim, plastics, leather, and upholstery, Absolute is designed to deliver outstanding results without compromising the integrity of the materials.

The ease of use and effectiveness ofAbsolute Rinseless Wash make it a go-to choice for car washing. Its advanced formula allows you to wash your vehicle anywhere and anytime, giving you the flexibility to maintain the cleanliness of your car on the go. By eliminating the need for a traditional water-intensive wash,Absolute Rinseless Wash conserves water and reduces environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly option.

So, whether you're looking to restore the shine to your car's paintwork, protect it from the elements, or simply maintain its pristine appearance, Detailing World and the P&S Detail Product range have you covered. Explore our website or visit our store to discover the extensive range of products now available, and get ready to take your detailing skills to the next level. With Detailing World and P&S Detail Products, professional-level results are now within your reach, right at home.

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