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Hose Slide

Welcome to the Hose Slide collection page at Detailing World. Here, you will find an innovative solution to prevent hose snagging under your vehicle's tires—the Hose Slide.

The Hose Slide is a practical and efficient accessory designed to make your car washing and detailing process smoother and more convenient. It eliminates the frustration of hose entanglement and damage by providing a simple and effective way to guide the hose safely away from your tires.

When washing or detailing your vehicle, it's common for the hose to get caught under the tires, leading to potential damage and interruptions in your workflow. The Hose Slide helps to eliminate this issue by allowing the hose to glide effortlessly along its surface, preventing it from getting tangled or snagged.

Our collection of Hose Slides includes various sizes and designs to accommodate different hose thicknesses and vehicle types. Made from durable and weather-resistant materials, these Hose Slides are built to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.

Using a Hose Slide not only protects your hose from wear and tear but also ensures a smoother and more efficient cleaning process. By keeping your hose away from the tires, you can move freely around your vehicle without worrying about obstructions or potential accidents.

At Detailing World, we are committed to offering practical solutions that enhance your car care experience. Explore our Hose Slide collection today and enjoy hassle-free car washing and detailing by preventing hose snagging under your vehicle's tires. Make your cleaning process more efficient and enjoyable with the Hose Slide.