3D Ceramic Coating Kit - 30ml.

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Kit Includes:
3D Ceramic Coating 30mL
Applicator Block
(2) Microsuede Towels

Directions for Use:
*Pro-tip: Make sure the surface is completely clean and decontaminated.
Wrap the 3D Suede Applicator around the 3D foam block and apply enough coating to cover the flat surface of the suede.
Using a cross hatch pattern (side-to-side and then up-and-down strokes), spreading the coat evenly. Work in sections.
Weather will determine the size of the section you want to work with. Temperature and humidity can affect how quickly the product dries.
Apply more product if the suede dries up.
Wait 30 seconds and buff the product off with a clean soft microfiber towel.
If the surface feels oily after buffing, wait a few more seconds and wipe off again.

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