Americana Medium Cut Compound 32oz

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The Americana Global Medium Cut compound is infused with the most advanced Diminishing Abrasive Technology available to professional detailers today. Our Medium Cut Compound was designed for maximum defect removal, longer product cycling, and impeccable finishing capabilities.

Our Medium Cut uses the same proven diminishing abrasive technology as our previously branded 1500 compound. As the compound is worked into the clear coat, the abrasives slowly break down into smaller particles – which produces a fast, yet gentle cutting action.

The end result – is a compound that produces less micro-marring and creates a quicker finishing step. It’s a water-based compound, that produces less dust than previous formulations, with superior cutting control, and exceptional finishing abilities. This makes the Medium Cut Compound more eco-friendly, and compliant with evolving EPA regulations.

Formerly named: Americana 1500

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