CarPro Glass Rayon Polishing Pad (5 Pack)

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CARPRO Glass Rayon Polishing Pad 

High-strength rayon fibers ensure even and fast cutting/gloss polishing.

Best used with our CeriGlass compound. This product should only be used on moderate to severely damaged glass (visible scratches/etching). Also try to correct/clean the glass with a cutting compound like S3 Gold with a stiff polishing pad like Lake Country Hydrotech Tangerine before using CeriGlass and a Glass Rayon Pad. CeriGlass and the Glass Rayon Pad are a much more aggressive option and should only be used when the less aggressive options are not getting the scratches out.


  • High cutting.
  • Minimal heat .
  • Stable glass cutting pads.
  • Hook/Loop backing made in USA.


  • Qty. 5 pads
  • Cut: Glass, minerals, metals.
  • Function: Glass cutting pad.
  • Material: Rayon lenzing fiber.
  • Pores per inch: N/A.
  • Hardness: 1600kpa.
  • Diameter: 3" or 5" available.
  • Thickness: 3/16".
  • Color: White.
  • Hook/Loop color: Red .

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