IBIZ Everything Wax (32 oz.)

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The Best Car Wax In The Business
Professional grade IBIZ® products are used by classic car clubs and antique car museums throughout the country. We take pride in showing our top-of-the-line, long lasting car wax at car and motorcycle shows throughout the country – where we make believers out of the most hard-headed skeptics.
You only need to see the value of the product to recognize it as world class. Our car wax and wash products have been subject to more than $30,000 worth of independent laboratory test results. You need only look at our portfolio of work – and try the product on a small surface area of your car in order to see our qualifications.
Used By Enthusiasts, Professionals, and Everyone In Between
IBIZ® has been officially endorsed by: 1) Gilmore Museum, 2) Natmus Museum, 3) RISI Ferrari Race Team, 4) Posies Rods and Custom, 5) Corvette Club of America, 6) Street Rods Only, 7) International Towing and Recovery Museum, 8) Rossion Cars 9) Official C5/C6 Registry, 10) Kit Car Builder Magazine, 11) Mallet Cars, 12) TPC Racing Porsche Race Team, and more classic car and motorcycle clubs across the world.
Safe and Long Lasting Car Wax With Montan
Our long lasting car wax offers professional quality, non-abrasive products that are safe for use with buffing wheels, safe for use on all car finishes, including clear coats – all while offering a great shine that only carnauba-based Montan wax can provide. For a car that looks “alive” go with IBIZ®.
Carnauba car wax is made from the Copernicia cerifera “tree of life” which is native to Brazil. It is nature’s hardest, purest, and most transparent wax. Carnauba is known to produce a deeper, darker, and richer shine that protects paint from UV rays, environmental pollutants, and moisture. Carnauba car wax is the wax of enthusiasts.
However, what makes are our car wash truly great is that we don’t just use regular Carnauba, we use Montan.  The Montan wax we use is comprised of fossilized Carnauba from Germany and Austria that is 25-58 million years old. Montan is a very hard natural wax with a higher melting point over regular Carnauba and provides optimum protection that other waxes cannot compete with . IBIZ Everything Car Wax appeals to people that want the most stunning show car shine available. Keep in mind that when you shop with IBIZ® you’re purchasing professional grade.
Protect Your Paint With Everything Car Wax
Create a water resistant, weather resistant, and dirt resistant surface that will prolong the life of your car. Turn heads as you drive downtown and the sunlight dances on the hood of your car. Bring the superior shine with a polished, professional look that nurtures paint, and brings out the inner color of your prized paint job.
IBIZ® is not just aesthetical, it’s practical too! We urge you to try IBIZ® Everything Wax, available in four sizes:
16 Oz. bottle $19.95
32 Oz. bottle $29.95
1 Gallon bottle $105.95
Case $219.95
A little bit goes a long way. It starts with a small amount of Everything Wax to give you that shortcut to shine. Pretty soon you may find the members of your classic car club ordering IBIZ® by the case.
Call us today at 954-781-4714 or fill out a contact us form here. We welcome any questions you may have because we realize that the best cars deserve the best! Pamper your show car with the best wax money can buy.

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