Brand Spotlight - Meet Americana Global

Brand Spotlight - Meet Americana Global

In this blog post today by Detailing World, we want to look at a fantastic brand of professional products made by Americana Global.


Americana Global’s mission is to develop products that ELEVATE detailing and make jobs easier, cost-effective, and simply put –produce exceptional results.

Our 4-stage proprietary system equips detailing professionals and automotive/marine enthusiasts with chemicals and paint correction supplies that work harmoniously to help: Prepare, Correct, Maintain & Protect.  


Americana Global offers wide selection of products for paint correction such as compounds, polishes and polishing pads. Americana Global compounds and pads are innovative products developed using the most advanced technologies.

Americana Surface Prep Gallon

Americana Global Surface Prep (previously called "Stripper") Residue & Oil Remover is scientifically formulated to prepare a surface for paint correction, or installation of paint protection products. It is designed to remove existing waxes, polymers, oils, and residue – leaving your substrate surgically clean and prepped before and after paint correction.


Americana 1500 Compound (Now Called Americana Medium Cut)

Join the movement of Effective and Efficient Paint Correction with the Americana Global System

With our correction system you will make light work of even the toughest paint correction jobs.

Driven by innovation and the pursuit of excellence, Americana has engineered the most advanced diminishing abrasive technology available. 1500 Compound/Medium Cut Compound was designed for maximum defect removal, longer product cycling, and impeccable finishing capabilities.



Americana 1000 Compound (Now Called Americana Ultimate Cut)

Americana 1000/ Ultimate Cut is the next level of advancement for cutting compounds. Focusing on the minds of professional body shops and detailers.

We set out to provide an all-new formula that will give an extremely heavy cut, long work cycle, and high gloss finish; saving you time on follow up steps. Americana 1000 was formulated to take on the most neglected paint conditions, gel-coat, and fiberglass.


This revolutionary formula allows easy wipe off with little dust and no sling. Americana 1000 (now called Ultimate Cut Compound) works excellent with long throw Dual Action Polishers and Rotary Buffers. Body shop safe and VOC compliant.


Americana Finesse Flawless Finish (Now Called Americana Fine Cut)

Finesse Flawless Finish Polish (now called Fine Cut) was engineered for superlative clarity and binary finishing Capabilities.
When paired with the Americana orange or black foam pad, Finesse/ Fine Cut easily removes:
-micro marring
-"DA haze" from previous correction steps
-swirls and wash marring 

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